Lego, Ergo Sum: Beginnings

Hello Life, Universe and Everything:

Today marks a new attempt at capitalizing on two important ideas:

  1. When people read books, they want to tell someone about them.
  2. When people talk about books, other people want to listen and also be inspired to read books and talk about them.

These ideas are extremely powerful to me.  This blog’s name is based off the rationale behind Cogito ergo Sum: I think therefore I am. However, the act of being is so very profound.  For me, and I think many others, it is more apt to say Lego ergo Sum: I read, therefore I am.


Reading connects me to the experience of life in a way impossible to reach without literature and books.  This blog is intended to be a reach into the ether with my ideas on books, with the hope of finding others who are reaching out as well. I hope you enjoy my thoughts in the year to come about books I’m reading, have read, and want to read, and feel moved to participate in what is, to me, the Most Important conversations: the dialogue about books or in other words, about the sum of Life Itself.



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