Book Challenges and Resolutions 2017


The time-honored tradition of the resolution has a mixed reception.  While not exactly controversial (is anyone quite passionate enough about them to develop controversy?), there are definitely two distinct camps for believers and nonbelievers in the purpose and efficacy of a resolution or two to start the New Year.

I myself don’t make New Year’s resolutions about anything – except books.  Each year, I commit to reading a certain number of books.  This, really, is the only “resolution” I engage in.  However, at the start of each year, I also think about Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge as a way to plan my upcoming year of reading. The great thing about participating in a challenge like Book Riot’s is the way in which it forces me to read outside of my comfort zone and discover new genres or books that I wouldn’t have come across by sticking to what I know.  I’d recommend it to anyone!

This year, my commitment to myself is to read 65 books.  This number appears gargantuan to my non-reading obsessed friends, and tiny to my friends who make reading, writing, or reviewing their full-time occupation.  For me, it’s a stretch to find the time for this amount of books in 2017, and since it challenges me without overwhelming me, that’s the number I’ll try to stick to. I allow myself the small kindness of also including in that number the middle-grade novels I read in my occupation as a special education teacher :).  In 2015, I read 61, and so I chose 65 for 2016.  I did not meet that mark in 2016, so it’s time for a new attempt.

I’ll also be attempting the Read Harder Challenge again this year.  Keep checking back to see how I am doing as I attempt to meet my goals in the New Year!



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